Ryan Linehan - ANC 5D01
Ryan Linehan - ANC 5D01
VOTE NOVEMBER 6th @ Bethesda Baptist Church

I moved to Ivy City a few years ago with my wife, Mariana, and our dog, Summer. Being a long-time football coach for McKinley Tech HS, I immediately took to the neighborhood kids. After realizing that the kids didn't have a place to play, we put a basketball hoop in our backyard, as a safe place to hang out and shoot hoops. Our backyard is active just about every day with kids of all ages. The kids' parents and guardians have our number, so that they can always check-in on the kids.

I've decided to run for ANC because Ivy City kids deserve a community space that belongs to them- a safe, healthy spot that can fit everyone that wants to play. I'm running because Ivy City families deserve a representative that cares about and interacts with the community. I believe in people-centered, not profit-driven, development. Let's start by making sure the Crummell School goes to the community.

  • Crummell for Community: Give our kids a safe place to play.

  • Affordable housing for all.

  • More family-supporting jobs.

  • Development for people, not for profit.

  • Protect our immigrant neighbors.

  • Stop displacement.

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